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What Happens when a Garage Door Spring Breaks?

Is your garage door not working properly? Does it seem to not be opening and closing as smoothly as it used too? 

If your garage door is not functioning as it should the problem can be your garage door springs. What happens if your garage door spring breaks? 

In this article we are going to reveal what you can do in order to solve this pesky problem and ensure your garage door is working at it’s intended level of safety and efficiency. 

Let’s dive into this rarely discussed topic and make sure you know what to do if this is happening to you.

What is a garage door spring?

The garage door springs are an important factor in opening and closing the door

Your garage door spring is meant to counteract the force of gravity on your door. Simply put, this means a garage door spring is supposed to be light enough for you to lift it on your own, despite its weight. 

And for the power of the door opener to lift it easily. When your garage door spring breaks this will become very difficult to open on your own. 

What are The Different Types of Garage Door Springs?

There are two types of residential garage door springs. The torsion spring or extension spring. 

Torsion springs typically mount right above the door. Occasionally, in older homes with less  space in the garage they may be placed toward the rear of the garage (“Rear Mounted Torsion”).

When installed properly, the torsion springs should balance your garage door.This simply means that the door should take equal amounts of pressure to open and close the door. 

A properly balanced door should be easy to lift.

Extension springs are fastened right above the garage door track in most cases. Sometimes they may be mounted on the sides vertically as an alternative. They are pulling  the spring to move the garage upward. 

What Happens When My Garage Door Springs Break?

Age and life expectancy play a big part in determining whether or not your torsion springs are going bad.

The average spring life is seven to nine years. But… more often the garage is being used as the front door these days, which increases the daily use, decreasing the springs life expectancy to four to six years.

Some torsion springs can only last a year!

This is uncommon but does happen if the wrong springs have been installed. So make sure you’re getting your springs from a trusted and reputable source. AGS – A Garage Door Service, is a company many homeowners trust when it comes to installation and maintenance of their garage doors.

Usually, springs need to be re-balanced within the first two years of being installed. In addition, if your springs are installed during cold weather. You may need to have rebalanced when the weather turns warmer. 

When spring is required to be rebalanced it is considered failing. 

There are two tests you can do to know if your torsion springs are going bad:

  1. Your garage door should remain in the upright position when it’s released from the opening position. Some movement is normal. But if either of the lower rollers moves past the line between the horizontal and vertical track and stays below the line then that’s a good sign that your torsion springs need to be re-tensioned. 
  2. in this second test, pull your door into a mid-level position. The door should rest in that position. The door should rest in this position, not moving up or down, while being supported by the strength of the springs.

Extension Springs

Extension springs also have a life expectancy of seven to nine years. In addition, along with the issues explained above regarding failure, extension springs can often fail but not break. If you see noticeable gaps between the coils of your extension springs, that is the sign of extension spring failure.

What Do You Do When Your Garage Door  Springs Break?

Garage springs lift your garage door along with other mechanics your door depends on; Things like drums,  rollers,tracks, cables, and even the little hinges play a role in smooth operation of your garage door. 

If your garage door springs break and aren’t working smoothly, consider safety as your number one issue, and get professional maintenance right away.

People have been seriously injured and some fatalities have been recorded from amateurs trying to fix their garage door springs. 

Torsion springs are the most dangerous, but that doesn’t exclude the dangers of extension springs either – when they are stretched they hold enormous amounts of force.

Keep in mind these springs lift a garage door that can weigh in excess of 400 pounds.


It can be something you overlook, your garage door maintenance. But it can be costly and life threatening when you do. Making sure your garage door springs aren’t broken is a serious part of keeping a safe home for you and your family. 

AGS – A Garage Door Service, provides garage door repair and replacement services to most of north Texas and specializes in Denton County and Frisco areas. They are family owned and operated and guarantee your satisfaction. 

If your garage door spring breaks. They know how to fix it right. Keeping your garage door working as it should is their specialty. Call them and get answers to your questions about this service. Reach them at (940) 343-7537 

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