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Know Why You Need To Perform A Roof Repair Service On Your Property
June 13, 2018
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Wind Can Damage Your Garage Door
July 17, 2019

Get the Best Roof Replacement Service Today

Why Choose A Roof Replacement Company?

Roofing is definitely one of the most important structures or infrastructures of a house. It remains important to constantly check your roofing and assess any damage, no matter how little, to determine if roof replacement is necessary. Furthermore, minor damage on the roof, if not taken care of, can lead to greater damage and increased repair costs. However your roof may be damaged, normal causes can include a strong hail storm or wind.

Regardless of the initial damage, time and lack of maintenance lead to further structural damage. It is important to repair your roof as soon as you spot any damage. At AGS—A Garage Door Service, we can provide you with the best roof repair and replacement service. We have a team of professionals who can easily and skillfully assess damage done to your roof, as well as handle any roof replacement needs.

Just give us a call on (940) 343-7537 to get started.

Factors Which May Cause Roof Damage and Roof Replacement Needs

First of all, understand that many different factors can cause roof damage. These factors can include (but not limited to):

  • Wind damage: Strong winds which blow constantly, can weaken the roofing materials holding the roof together. Materials such as shingles and nails develop weakness from constant, heavy impact from strong winds.
  • Poor maintenance: Additionally, you can allow your roof to get extensive damage through negligence and poor roof maintenance. Providing a little maintenance such as removal of dirt, moss, and other debris helps. Also checking for minor damage like torn shingles, missing shingles, as well as leaks, may prevent a much larger future repair.
  • Ice/snow: Ice and snow can have a damning effect on your roofing system. They increase the load on the roof, slowly reducing the lifespan over the years. Due to snow and ice remaining on the roof, it may cause water to seep beneath the shingles. This can lead to rot, corrosion, and if left unattended, extensive roof damage. Always remember that natural elements exist as both friends and foes.
  • Wrong Installation: This is why it is important to have professionals like AGS—A Garage Door Service – (940) 343-7537) take care of your roofing needs. Installation, replacement of and roof repair must be handled by professionals. Proper roof installation or roof replacement will not only increase durability, it will also save you lot of money. In addition, a roof not properly installed by professionals may VOID the roof material warranty.

Roof Leak Causes—A Major Reason People Need Roof Replacement Services

Leakage remains one of the most common problems with roofs. Leaks occur in several ways. It is uncommon for a hole to instantly appear on the inside. More likely, water will seep into loose seams, finding pathways of least resistance, ultimately dripping on the inside.

Leaks in shingles or tiles create another common problem in roofing. The chances of you having a visible hole in the tile remain low. It is important to have a roof replacement company like AGS—A Garage Door Service to help you inspect your shingles. Wrong or poor installation or worn out shingles can cause leaks in shingles. Replacing shingles or patching (covering) troubled spots can classify as a minor roof repair.

There is a plethora of reasons why so many roofs experience leaks. The most common one involves fixtures attached to the roof.

Roof fixtures protrude through or rest on top of the roof construction. These include attachments like skylights, chimneys, vents, and others. These structures require a hole in the roof for their installation. A suitable material is put around the hole to prevent water from building up and leaking through the hole. Flashing metal, or an apron, usually surrounds these structures. Rubber membranes can also be used. However, they can wear out or have improper installation. Over time, the seams where the material connects to the roof or the fixture can deteriorate, allowing precipitation to get in.

Types of Roof Replacement Materials

At AGS, durability remains our main goal. We repair roofs by providing the best and most economical roof replacement materials with long-term durability in mind. There are different materials used in repairing and replacing different sections and elements of a roofing system. Our roof replacement strategy is to use the best materials which suit your roofing system while ensuring durability. The multitude of materials commonly used for roofing materials include:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Wood shingles
  • Composite shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Clay and concrete tiles
  • Rubber (rolls or slate tiles)
  • Slate rock

Shingles especially can constitute a great nuisance when it comes to roofing. Many problems with shingles call for minor repair and/or roof replacement unless it is spread out over a large area of the roof. In either case, AGS – A Garage Door Service can help.

At AGS roof replacement service; we can assist you with all the roofing parts listed above. It is important to check the shingles and seams and look for leaks. You should promptly replace any tiles lifted up by wind or other elements. If you have noticed any of these, just call us (940) 343-7537, and we will take care of it.

Our professional roof replacement company will never use nor recommend substandard materials to seal/flash around fixtures on your roof. At AGS, we eliminate all possible issues before they become a larger expense. However, time takes a toll on all fixtures. Therefore, regular inspection remains important. Make it a point to check for how well these areas remain sealed, and see how they fare. Call AGS – A Garage Door Service (940) 343-7537 for your next roof replacement. 

Why You Should Stick With AGS Roof Replacement Services

When choosing a roofing company, quality and durability of work should remain the priority. Roof repair and roof replacement are very technical.  Any substandard work or error in the installation process can lead to further unforeseen damage and extra cost. It is not our way to assess damage from just under the roof. A safe and professional practice climbs up on the roof and examines its structure fully. Only a trained, professional roof replacement company can do this. You should rely on us to do this for you.

It takes experience and training to know what to look for in a roof inspection. Our team goes the extra mile by thoroughly assessing everything to ensure you have a sound roof. Remember, you should hire the best professional, like AGS offers. We have the tools to properly inspect and assess your roof. We will discover faults and damage quickly, thereby preventing costly repairs to you. The first step in getting professional help from AGS – A Garage Door Service is to call our office at (940) 343-7537 and get more information for your roof replacement.

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