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April 10, 2020

4 Tips to Stop Noisy Garage Doors

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4 Tips to Silence Noisy Garage Doors

When you open or close your garage door, you shouldn’t hear any squeaking, rattling, or any other sounds besides the sound of it opening or closing. When you start hearing other noises, you know it’s time to look into it because there may be a problem. Noisy garage doors are a nuisance that can be fixed if you know what to look for and who to call to fix it. Here’s a look at what can cause a noisy garage door and four tips to stop it.

What Causes a Noisy Garage Door?

Several things can cause a garage to start making noise. One very common thing is that the garage door simply gets old. Doors that are around 15-20 years old tend to be louder than the more recent doors. Newer doors have better rollers and a better opener.

When the rollers begin to get worn down they can get noisy. You may want to consider installing nylon rollers that can be quieter than steel rollers. Other times, the nuts and bolts start coming loose. When this happens, the door rattles and screeches when it opens or closes.

Noises that Garage Doors Can Make That Signal Trouble

There are several noises that garage doors can start making that can signal trouble. Here’s a look at what they could indicate.


When you start hearing your garage door squeak, it could indicate that the nuts and bolts have started to come loose or that there is a problem with the rollers.


If you hear the door starting to grind when you open and close, it often means there is a problem with the garage door opener.

Thumping or Banging

When you start to hear your garage door banging or thumping, the door may be off-balance. It may also have a broken torsion spring, especially if you hear a loud snap. This is something that needs a professiona.

Tips to Stop Noisy Garage Doors

When you have a noisy garage door, there are several things you can do to make things quieter.

Tighten Nuts & Bolts

When you hear some annoying noises, you can start by tightening nuts and bolts. Use a wrench and socket to retighten the bolts and screws. Be careful not to overtighten the hardware. If you do this, it could strip the hardware. Also, do not adjust, repair, or remove any springs or parts to which springs are connected. If something goes wrong, it could cause serious injury.

Lubricate or Replace the Rollers

You can also stop noisy garage doors by lubricating the rollers and other parts. These parts can include the steel roller shaft, the hinges, and lift cables. You may have to lubricate the door several times to get the noise to subside.

Never lubricate the nylon portion of the rollers or other plastic garage door components because it can break down the materials.

Replace Worn Out Parts

If you’ve tightened all of the nuts and bolts and lubricated the rollers, and still have noise, it may be time to replace other parts. Besides the rollers, some hinges and tracks impact how your garage door operates. When these parts start to malfunction, they can make loud and annoying noises.

Open and close the garage door to see where the noise is coming from. This will help you to pinpoint which parts may need to be replaced. Many times, parts should be replaced by a professional to make sure they are installed properly. If parts are not installed properly, they can cause more damage.

Have the Springs Inspected

As you check to see if parts are worn out, you may discover issues with a spring. A broken spring will cause serious noise with your garage door. But, this is not a DIY fix. This is something that would need the help of a professional garage door service repairman. At A Garage Service, we can take care of this type of garage repair for you, among other types of repairs.

We can also do a tune-up for your garage door to make sure that no other issue is lurking. It’s best to have a professional check these issues because trying to make certain repairs into your own hands can be dangerous.

Contact A Garage Service for Garage Door Repairs

When you need your garage door repaired or serviced, you can count on us to get the job done right. Our experienced technicians know what to look for when it comes to noisy garage doors and other problems. Garage door maintenance is just as important as maintaining other parts of your home. Having your garage door looked at annually can alleviate many issues that may come up.

If you’re having trouble with noisy garage doors or want information about other issues, call A Garage Service at 940-343-7537 today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional team members.



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