7 Reasons to Install New Garage Doors

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September 27, 2019
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7 Reasons to Install New Garage Doors

Reasons to Install New Garage Doors

Reasons to Install New Garage Doors

Garage doors are very useful, serving the purpose of keeping belongings safe and secure as well as adding curb appeal and potentially increasing the value of a home. They are not, however, something people usually think about. In fact, by the time people do start thinking about them, it is probably due to loud noises or the fact that the doors are no longer opening properly, as well as a whole host of other things that could go wrong. Sometimes, it could just be that the garage doors need to be updated for cosmetic reasons. Whatever the occasion, here is a list of reasons that new garage doors may need to be installed for your home:

Curb Appeal and Increase in Home Value with New Garage Doors

Perhaps your garage doors look a little worn down and just aren’t working the way they did before. Or, maybe you no longer like the style of them and want to give them a more modern look. Simply adding new garage doors can increase the curb appeal to your home, thereby raising the value. New garage doors with updated features can also be a big selling point for potential buyers who might have kids or just want easy access to getting inside the garage and storing their belongings hassle free.

Safety and Access

Garage doors are something people use on a day to day basis. They can suffer a great deal of wear and tear especially on the springs, tracks and latches that help keep them in working order. If your garage door is getting old, it could pose a lot of risks to your home as well as your family. For instance, if your door is not working properly it could permit easy access, leading to home invasions and other assaults on your property. It is known that most home invasions happen through the garage and your home and your personal belongings could be in danger if your garage doors are not in perfect working order. The risk increases if your garage doors are more than ten years old.

It is important that you properly maintain your garage doors in order to keep yourself and your home safe and secure. Having new garage doors helps make sure that your garage seals tight. This will help to avoid an intruder breaking into your home and your belongings can be secured without any worries of someone trying to break in and take them.

Updated Technology

Technology for the home has vastly improved over the years. Just like a top-notch security system for your home, you can also have a good security system for your garage doors. Installing new garage doors can help divert potential break-ins with a high-end security system that has alarms built in, often requiring the entering of a code which will help keep even experienced burglars out of your home while you’re away at work or on vacation. Older garage doors lack this technology and can make for easier access to break into your garage and take your belongings. New garage doors help keep your valued belongings safe while you are away and is one less thing to worry about.

Decreased Cost of Utilities

It is the job of the homeowner to make sure everything on their property is in good working order. Sometimes, it gets expensive if proper precautions are not taken to maintain the home. That includes looking for ways to increase energy efficiency. Garage doors can be one of the biggest culprits for high utility bills, so it’s important that they are properly insulated and weather proofed. Installing new garage doors can also help minimize air leaks and ensure a proper seal. This helps to maintain an even temperature year-round, which can improve energy bills significantly.

Less Maintenance

Older garage doors require a lot of maintenance. An older door is more likely to have something going on that needs the homeowner’s attention, whether it be a problem with the cables, tracks, or latches, something breaking off, or it simply not closing properly. Even if your doors just need a facelift, like a new coat of paint or new paneling, new garage doors can help you eliminate the constant stress of something going wrong. All you have to worry about is a once a year maintenance check to keep things working smoothly.

Today’s generation of garage doors are engineered to last. A high-quality garage door can function up to thirty years with proper maintenance. Installing new garage doors cuts back on repair costs and maintenance efforts, not to mention the safety risks. An eco-friendly garage door has the additional benefit of durable materials. These new materials can extend the life expectancy of your garage doors.

Insurance Benefits

Installing new garage doors greatly enhances the safety and security to the home as well as the garage. This in turn, can reduce the cost of your insurance, which is always a great benefit, potentially leaving even more money for home improvements. Contact your insurance provider to make sure you are receiving maximum benefit for your efforts.

Quieter Operation

Does your garage door make a lot of noise, with a high-pitched squealing sound every time you open it?  Is it disturbing your household or waking people up in the middle of the night when you’re getting home late after an event or long workday? Then it is time to replace your garage doors. Garage doors that are more than ten years old have a lot of wear and tear. They also are most likely operated by something that looks like a bicycle chain. New garage doors are more advanced and have quieter options available so installing them would eliminate these problems. There are several improved modern options that are not only durable, but also provide the smooth, quiet operation you are looking for.

What Are the Next Steps for Installing New Garage Doors?

Rather than waiting until your old garage door is no longer working properly, or perhaps stops working altogether, consider looking into getting a new garage door today. There are many benefits when it comes to improving your home. By simply replacing your garage doors, you may find that it will be one of the best decisions you’ve made contributing significantly to the appearance, comfort, and safety of your home.

To learn more about installing new garage doors, or hiring a professional, please contact AGS at (940) 343-7537 today. Our experienced staff can provide all the information necessary to make the best decision for your garage door needs.

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