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June 27, 2018
Garage Door Maintenance Tips
Smart Tips for Routine Garage Door Maintenance
September 27, 2019

Wind Can Damage Your Garage Door

Prevent Garage Door Wind Damage

Prevent Garage Door Wind Damage

Your garage door may seem like a gate on an old castle. But, in reality, your garage door is susceptible to several things. But, perhaps the most damaging outside of it being hit by a car, are storm winds. Homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are all too familiar with this concept. In the past few years, storms have come through the area and produced high winds that damaged their doors. Let’s see how wind can damage your garage door and why it can be such a problem.

The Biggest Door to Your House

You may have already installed storm windows on your house and have heavy, durable doors that can withstand high winds, but if you have issues with your garage door, you are leaving your entire house vulnerable. The garage door is typically the largest door on a house, and therefore the most important door to your home. If your garage door is not working correctly, it can be compromised during a high wind event. Regular maintenance of your garage door will ensure that it will stand a better chance against high winds.

How do High Winds Damage Garage Doors?

When high winds blow against your garage door, it creates pressure against it. The force produced by high winds can cause several problems. First, the garage door if it is not reinforced will act in the same way as sails on a sailboat. The wind will buckle the door inward and force it backward, this can result in a few of the garage doors wheels being pulled out, or the whole thing is pulled off the tracks. When your garage door is pulled off the tracks, it can break or damage the springs and leaves your garage exposed to the elements.

Once high winds make it into your home, it can blow out windows and bring flooding water with it.  Recent studies show that over 79% of wind damage to homes is caused by a garage door being compromised. It can also wreak havoc on a business. In an Insurance Institute for Home and Business Saftey test where a wind-rated warehouse door and an unrated warehouse door were placed side by side in 115 mile per hour winds, it took just three seconds for the unrated warehouse door to buckle.

Another aspect of wind damage to a garage door is debris from a storm. Projectiles can batter and scar a garage door before it ever buckles from the wind. Windows in a garage door can be broken and allow damaging winds and rains into your garage.  If your garage door does survive the constant load the wind puts on it, then it may still be filled with large dents and scratches.

Is Your Garage Door Up to Code?

Perhaps you live in an older home that was built prior to 1970, or a house built after the 2006 International Residential Code requirements for insurance coverage based on the wind resistance of your garage door which Texas adopted in 2008. Maybe a contractor skimped on costs by giving you a garage door that can’t handle storm winds. If you are unsure if your garage door meets all storm requirements, A Garage Door Service can inspect it and tell if it is up to code.

Prevent Garage Door Wind Damage

Once you have determined if your garage door is not rated for high winds, then the best course of action is to let A Garage Door Service replace your garage door with a wind-resistant one. We’re familiar with building codes in the greater Dallas, Fort Worth area. Our goal is to ensure that you have a garage door that will resist high winds. If you do have a wind-rated garage door, then we can inspect it to make sure it is ready for storm season. We’ll examine the tracks of your garage door to see if all the wheels are in place, and will repair any that are not on track. We’ll also ensure that your garage door is secure and will make repairs as needed.

Be Ready for the Storm

A solid, wind-rated garage door will give you added protection in whatever wind event it experiences. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your garage door is secure against high winds and projectiles.

If you want to make sure that your home is ready for the storm give us a call. Or, if you already have garage door wind damage, A Garage Door Service can help you.

Call AGS today at 940-382-9300. A member of our staff will be happy to discuss your garage door wind damage and repair.

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