A Garage Door Welcomes Martin Garage Doors

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February 9, 2018
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A Garage Door Welcomes Martin Garage Doors

Many homeowners select their garage door based on the look of the door. As the largest wall in your home, it is a vital part of your home’s style. Will the door have windows? Do you prefer a carriage style door? Do you want the look of wood, but prefer a steel door? Will your door need insulation? These options are important distinctions for the homeowner and can affect the type of door that they purchase.

A Garage Door Service is proud to add Martin Garage Doors to our vendor list.  Martin Garage Doors are dependable, beautiful doors and offer our customers another excellent option when selecting a new garage door. What are some of our favorite Martin Garage Door features?


Recent polls indicate that installing a new garage door is one of the top five home improvement upgrades that homeowners can perform. Martin Doors offer a wide selection of colors, styles, and insulation options for customers. Adding Martin Garage Doors to our product list gives our customers another great choice when it comes to updating their home. With a variety of choices for both single and double garage doors, you are sure to find a door that suits the style and design of your home.


Martin Garage Doors offers high quality workmanship on their doors, giving the customer reliability and peace of mind when it comes to their garage door. With beautiful color options and finishes, these doors offer outstanding curb appeal that will last for years. Their attention to detail extends beyond the door itself and includes the hardware “behind the scenes”.


The Martin Spring Safety system can prevent accidents from happening through their unique design. Center mount springs present the risk of discharge from spring torque. With their galvanized spring and longer life expectancy, Martin springs are safer and more reliable than others in the industry.


Often, the safety features of the door are secondary when it comes to selecting a garage door. Many homeowners are content to rely on the industry standards for safety.  Martin Garage Doors, however, has made garage door safety a priority since the 1980s. The company began an industry-wide quest to create safer doors that look beautiful and reduce the potential for injury.

According to reports, garage doors injure more people than push mowers, snow blowers and garbage disposals every year. Martin Garage Doors have enlisted the aid of engineers to develop a safer garage door to reduce the number of injuries from doors. They have developed protection against the possibility of a cable break, which could result in a free fall. With safer section joints, they have reduced the risk of injury to hands and fingers. They have even innovated safer rollers and tracks.

Their exclusive safety spring system conceals the lift cables, has lock-on brackets and wider cables than the industry requires.


When a homeowner invests in a new garage door, one of the first questions asked is often, “How long will the door last?” It is understandable; a new garage door can be a sizeable investment. Garage door life expectancy is rated based on open-and-close cycles. An average garage door has a minimum life expectancy of 10,000 cycles. Martin Garage Doors are engineered to a higher safety standard, giving your door an expectancy rate of 12,000 cycles (for the high grade) or 30,000 (for the premium grade). For the homeowner, this nearly doubles the return on their investment, and extends the life of the door.

Care and Upkeep

As with any major investment, your garage door will benefit from regular maintenance. An annual inspection and tune up will ensure that your door is performing at peak capacity. Simple maintenance performed by the homeowner will also help to keep your door in top shape.

Lubricating the garage door rollers will cut down on noise and help to extend the life of the rollers. A visual inspection of the cables and brackets near the bottom of the door can prevent injury and damage. Contact A Garage Door Service immediately for service if there is visible damage or fraying.

If your door is not opening or closing easily, there may be an issue with the spring tension. This adjustment is based on the weight of the door and should be left to a professional. If your springs are making noise, apply a spray lubricant.

If the door won’t open or close, check the sensors. Sensor eyes located near the floor can become dusty or knocked out of alignment. Wipe them with a soft, clean cloth and ensure they are aligned correctly.

Are you ready to upgrade the look of your home with a new garage door?

Contact the professionals at A Garage Door Service at (940) 343-7537 for a consultation about the door that will best meet your needs.


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