Garage Door Springs and the Cold – What You Need to Know

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Garage Door Springs and the Cold – What You Need to Know

Garage Door Springs and the Cold – What You Need to Know

Your garage door springs are very resilient items. They extend and contract each time you open or close your garage doors. The springs work an average number of times, then they break and need replacing. However, if they get exposed to cold and winter weather, it can cause the number of times your garage door springs work, to decrease. The cold is rough on your garage door. Each of the pieces of metal gets fatigued and makes your garage door opener work harder. Eventually, the parts of your garage door will break down, and you will need to replace them.

What Your Garage Door Springs Do

Your garage door springs have a difficult job. They expand to allow for your garage door to lower slowly by means of a controlled drop. The springs are very heavy duty. They can hold a lot of weight, and they are able to retract back into the right shape when you open the door again. These springs are able to hold a lot of tension in them. That is why they can help to bring that heavy garage door of yours back up into place. If they were not as heavy-duty as they are, your garage door would struggle to open and close.

What Happens When Your Garage Door Springs Get Cold

Eventually, all garage door springs will wear out and then break. More often than not, this happens when the weather is cold. There is a good reason for that. The winter makes the metal more brittle, which means that if it is already fatigued, it will snap. Typically, this will happen while the garage door is in the lower position. That means that when you go out to start your car or come home from work, your garage door will not open. That is your signal that your garage door springs need replacing.

How to Help Protect Your Garage Door Springs

As the metal gets used more and more, through opening and closing the garage door, the metal wears out. If you want to prevent this from happening, you need to carefully use your garage door. Days where you are home and know you will need to go in and out a lot, keep it open. Days where it is excessively cold outside, make sure to open the door for as little time as possible. By keeping your garage insulated, your garage door springs will go through fewer temperature extremes. This can help the metal last longer, and put you less at risk of having the springs fail. If you need to be out in your garage with the door open, try and have a heater going so it keeps the air around the springs warmer than the air outside.

How to Repair Your Garage Door Springs

If your garage door springs snap and break, they need to be replaced. In essence, you have to remove any tension from the spring, take the old one off, and put the new one on. Sounds simple enough, but it is not that simple. Taking the tension off of these springs is a very dangerous thing to do. Even a broken spring can still hurt someone. This is why you should call on professionals when it comes to fixing a broken spring. They have the tools to do the job safely, plus you get a warranty to rely on. That way you have the peace of mind knowing that the job was done right, the first time.

Calling in the Experts is the Only Safe Way of Repairing Your Garage Door Springs

When you call in the professionals to repair your garage door springs, they will come in and make sure the door is safe. They know how to remove garage door springs safely, without the tension building up or snapping on anyone. By calling the experts here at AGS – A Garage Door Service, you will get an experienced professional to show up at your home or business. They put safety measures in place before starting anything. The tools they need will be on the truck, so there will not be any delays.

If your garage door will not go up or down, it can cause a lot of time loss. It can also make it difficult to get into your home or business. We understand that time is money, so we will make sure to come out as quickly as possible. No matter how cold it is outside, we come prepared to help.

When your garage door springs break or do not work properly, you need to call in the experts to fix them. Give us a call here at AGS – A Garage Door Service. We can be reached at (940)343-7537. Let us help you get your garage door springs fixed, and get your garage door back in working order.

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