Determine the Efficiency of Your Garage Door

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Determine the Efficiency of Your Garage Door

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Since their development in the late 1920’s, garage doors have become an essential element in homes. Current surveys show there are over 70 million single car doors in the United States, and even more homes with two car doors, making garage doors big business.  Many homeowners use their garage door as the front door of their home. They drive their car into the garage and enter their home through the service door. These homeowners rarely use the actual front door. Regardless of how you use your garage door, every homeowner would agree: when you want to open the door, it needs to open, and when it should be closed, it should stay closed.

Garage doors have an average lifespan of approximately 30 years, and automatic openers can last from 10 -12 years with proper maintenance.  With that level of durability, you want to ensure that the investment into your garage door will provide you with the efficiency you require.  How can you determine if your door is efficient? Ask yourself a few simple questions about your current garage door.

Does my door work as I expect?

When you pull up in your driveway and press the button to open your garage door, does the door open without hesitation? Is the air filled with the creaks and groans of a door struggling to open? Is the door straight, without cracks and dents that may cause the door to buckle or break? If any of these problems are present in your current door, it may be time to consider replacing your door.

What do I use my door for?

A garage door is often the largest entry point into your home. It provides direct access into the house, along with anything that is stored in the garage. If your garage is primarily used for storage of items and you park your car elsewhere, you need to ensure that your door is providing adequate security for your possessions. Additionally, if your garage is used to park in, the door becomes essential in allowing your vehicles in and out of the garage. Either situation can become a crisis if you are unable to get in or out of the garage.

How well does it add to the security of my home?

Doors that are breaking, are easy to open or leave gaps between the door and your house can be a security concern. The door can be an entry point not only for burglars, but for rodents and other pests that may want to seek shelter in your garage. If you are concerned with how well your current door is keeping pests of all kinds out, it’s time to replace the door.

Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Door

A few simple changes can improve the efficiency of your garage door, particularly in the area of security.

Use an automatic door opener.

Today’s modern technology has given us new tools to increase the security of your garage door. Some of today’s smart home apps sync your opener with your phone, automatically closing the door if you are outside a set radius of the home. This feature can be a lifesaver for individuals who forget to close the door when they leave the house.

Keep the door opener on your key chain.

While it seems convenient to keep the door opener in your car, a break-in to your car gives thieves direct access to your garage. Once there, they have access to the rest of your home. Replace your car opener with a smaller one that can be attached to your key ring.

Install a deadbolt on the service door.

Keeping the door from the garage into your home locked adds another layer of protection from burglars. If the garage door is compromised, a deadbolt into the house can slow down the criminals.

Add a deadbolt to your garage door.

If you leave home for extended periods of time, a deadbolt on the inside of the garage door can provide additional security.

Inspect your garage door and opener frequently.

Routine checks of the door, tracks and wheels can help to prevent problems from developing from dust, dirt, and debris. Check the door for dents, cracks and other issues that may cause the door to fail.

Consider adding insulation.

Energy efficiency is another concern for homeowners, and can determine the type and amount of insulation you need on your garage door. The type of door you select can affect the level of insulation provided. Also, it may affect how energy efficient your door is. Some people use their garage for living space, such as an office or workshop. If you are considering heating and cooling the garage, or a portion of it, energy efficiency is paramount.

Is your current garage door efficient enough to meet your needs?

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